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 Hello, my name is Paul Tuting.

 I usually sign off as PaulT which I use as my Internet Tag Name.

 I have been working on the Internet since about 2004. About that time I signed up with GVO which at that time it was called Kiosk. During this time I have come to trust in the integrity of Joel Therien and GVO and I now base all of my Internet activities with GVO.

 I have been able to develop a large amount of business tools that can be of great assistance to anyone that is contemplating an Internet Business. These tools range from training and aids for beginners to full video training courses.

 With GVO and what I have been able to achieve I am able to bring to anyone that is looking to develop or extend an Internet On-line Business advantages that will assist them to get setup into a profitable position quickly.

 Of course I can say all this and you might say "Who is this, I've not heard of him?" And you would be right to be skeptical. You might call this 'Name Dropping' but I can name among my mentors; Joel Therien, Mark Joyner, Dale Calvert, Tellman Knudson, Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, and there are others that I just glean from their newsletters. You might say I'm bragging but you'd be wrong. What I am attempting to show is that if you hang around with the best some of it rubs off and you become more like them.

 Now I'm not trying to convince you that I have made it! What I am saying is if I don't know the answer to your question I can find someone that can. At the bottom of this page are a number of links that will take you some of the tools and aids that I have developed so you can get to know me better.

 Here is
  My Personal Facebook Page,
  My Business Facebook Page,    and
  My Business Facebook Fan Page

 From this page you can go to many tools and programs that might help you in your business endeavors, but I make this stern warning! Only take on the minimum for your current task. This was a mistake that I have made for too long. This why I ask that you first make a personal contact with me so we can plan what is the best course for you.

 This where you can contact directly: -
  My Skype ID is,
  My Best Email, or
  My Phone: - {NB: It's an Australian Mobile Number} +61 423235304,
  [so just text me and I can setup a Video Conference call at a time to suit us both]

 More than likely you have come through email I have sent in regards to a GVO product or campaign and that is where we should start. I will though encourage you join my Team Mentoring program so that we all can get to know each other and share for the common good.

 The Mentoring Program is priced so everyone is able to take part but there is an offer to upgrade to a higher level with much more good things included.
  Take a look here
  Remember: My aim is not to overload you with too much. Just to let you know I do have have the skills to assist you to financial freedom.

 I do look forward to having personal contact with you so we can look into exactly what your needs are and tailor a road map for you. So feel free to look around all that is here but please remember that it not about doing a lot but it doing what is needed and work smart.

 I wish you all the success that you might desire,


Below are some of the tools and programs that you might like to use:

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