This List is of self helps have been something of real benefit to me. I hope you find the same.

The 4 Patterns of Chronic Procrastinators

Many people suffer from this condition and it can be a real challenge to break free of this habit that holds you back. Click the link above to find real relief.

The Habit All Billionaires Have in Common

Step 1. Accept the Challenge
That’s it.
Step 2. Flip the Morning Person Switch
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How the CIA Flips Spies

After World War II, the U.S. intelligence community became increasingly concerned with the USSR’s mysterious ability to convince US citizens to commit acts of treason.

So, the CIA launched its own research on coercion and manipulation.

The Everyman’s Superpower

Releasing the Superpower that is within us all is a process, not a destination, the exercise of taking each step is important.

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The Kankyo Kaizen Movement

So, what is KanKyo Kaizen?

Kankyo Kaizen then is the continuous improvement of one’s surroundings in order to improve the quality of life.

Let’s call these qualities of life improvements “Kankyo Kaizen hacks.”

These hacks can solve problems …

So, check the link above to find out more…

A storm is coming. The 7 Golden Keys

It’s going to touch the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet.

You won’t be ready for it.  No one will.  But you will be able to prepare.  (Very soon, I’ll show you how.  These storm clouds have a silver lining, but you won’t even see the clouds unless you understand a few things first …)

How to Make Money Without Spending Money

The Richest Man in Bedlam

The Book Everyone Buys – But No One Gets

The (Real) Science of Getting Rich

A Perfect Curriculum for Aspiring Capitalist Pigs

Simpleology Summary: How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Art of Money Getting

How to Get Thunderous Applause Every Time You Speak (Even if You’re Terrified)

Quit Your Business in 7 Steps

You Can Heal Your Life

Holocaust Survivor Reveals Hidden Meaning of Life

Napoleon Hill’s Unpublished “Dark” Book May Be His Greatest Contribution to Mankind

Diagnose Yourself: the 16 Symptoms of “Resistance”

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