The Affiliate Program – Lesson 1

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What is the Affiliate Business Internet Marketing Online? And how can you profit from it? The idea of an affiliate program or business is in fact a very simple marketing strategy. In part, it is an outgrowth of the Internet and free email services. Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a crowd of hundreds of millions of people with money in their pockets, and a desire to spend it.

If you had a product to sell, it would seem that you are in Heaven, wouldn’t it? If you are planning to engage in Affiliate Business Internet Marketing Online in an active role, you either need to start getting people who visit your site to subscribe to your newsletter, or you need to buy lists of addresses from people who gather lists of “double opt-in” subscribers.

A double opt-in has to not only agree to accept an email from one website but also to agree to accept emails from unspecified “others” who may be affiliated with the site you subscribed to. Now imagine that you have the ability to send each of them a piece of mail every day. No need to imagine; you can do it. What’s the catch? The catch is that you need their exact address, and their permission to send them the mail.

How do you get this permission? New laws in the U.S. governing Spam, require that you acquire this permission from the addressee and that the addressee has the right to cancel that permission at any time. Whether or not you are in an Affiliate Marketing Program, you are continually being offered the option to join some marketer’s “list.” Whatever you are interested in; whatever you read on the Internet, you surely have seen an invitation to receive a “newsletter” from that site. If you “subscribe” to the newsletter, you are a captured address with a “single opt-in.”

With you being a “single opt-in” the owner of the newsletter has certain rights with regard to sending you emails. These rights include, but may not be limited to sending you “offers” directly from the owner of the newsletter. Before you subscribe to any newsletter, READ the “terms and conditions” and the “privacy policy” of that site, (you know, those two little boxes you check without reading just to get your newsletter). The affiliate program or programs are challenging to figure out in the beginning, just stick to your guns and you will have it worked out quickly.

Remember, targeted marketing, research and websites that convert into sales are key to the affiliate program marketing business. Buy a book from an authority in the business, understand what it’s all about, and then jump in and start promoting! This is definitely a business anyone can enjoy and profit from! An affiliate program can definitely make your profits increase over only just a short period of time so there would not be any need for you to worry over if you have made the right decision.

To get some idea of how this works this might be something you can try. Click this link, and it will open a page that has an offer for a FREE BOOK. When you enter your email address you will receive the book to download. You will also get an offer to look at another offer about Affiliate Marketing

You don’t have to accept the offer but you might as well get the FREE BOOK so you can educate yourself about Internet Marketing. The offer that is presented will give you a more in-depth understanding of Marketing.

Look out for more lessons as they are uploaded to this Blog.

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