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Types Of Network Marketing Leads

And Proven Methods To Generate Leads

Any network marketing business won’t survive without leads. Also called prospects, network marketing leads are people who show interest in your multi-level marketing business, in the products you are selling, or in the services you are offering. There are two common classifications of leads – the cold market and the warm market leads.

Cold Market Leads

These are prospects given by a third-party source like surveys, lead providing companies, or word-of-mouth from friends and even strangers. It can be quite difficult to present your business to such network marketing leads especially now that people tend to be sceptical of unidentified or unknown sources. Be sure though that the leads you’ll get come from a legal recruiting company or a lead provider that employs proper tactics to get people’s contact information.

Warm Market Leads

These are leads that have directly contacted you to ask about the business opportunity you are offering. They can also be referred to you by another business colleague or by someone you know so well like a family member or a friend. These people are more likely to become your customers or downlines because they already have an idea of the business opportunity, products, or service you want to sell them.

Since leads make an Online Business survive, you must ensure that you have a regular supply of quality leads. But before you start attracting leads, you must first know your business’ compensation plan, products, support system, and an established plan to translate leads into distributors.

Among the proven ways to generate leads are: –

  • Referrals:  Your family members and friends are the best sources of referrals. Even if it seems that they aren’t interested in joining your Online Business Opportunity, they surely will not mind referring someone they know.
  • Door Hangers and Flyers:  These media should be made attractive enough to be able to catch people’s attention. But make sure first that you won’t violate local laws regarding the use of such paraphernalia.
  • Direct Mailing:  If you obtained your mailing list from an advertising agency, ensure that such a list isn’t overused and that the people who have used that list really got good results.
  • Local Newspaper Ads:  Well-written and properly placed ads are effective in attracting network marketing leads.
  • Videos:  If your company can produce videos, you can use them in your recruitment. Like ads, a good video is very effective in stirring up people’s interest.
  • Website:  This is a cost-effective way of ensuring that you’ll have a constant supply of leads. It is best to set up a website that’s related to your network marketing business.
  • Radio Advertising:  Though a bit costly, radio advertising is another effective way to enhance your campaign’s response rate particularly if you’ve targeted the right demographics.
  • Pay Per Click Search Engines:  This is one of the speediest ways to drive traffic to your lead generation form. However, it only promises visitors to your forms and not people who’ll surely fill up that form.
  • Online Advertising:  This strategy can also be a bit costly, but it’s worth it. Why? Because if you advertise on network-marketing-related websites, you’ll have the chance to attract highly targeted traffic that can become ideal leads.
  • Lead-Providing Companies:  You have to be careful when using this approach because there are many factors that affect the quality of the leads you’ll be getting from these companies. While it’s true that you get what you pay for, you should always bear in mind that in this industry, high cost does not always ensure quality network marketing leads.

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